Gareki's Appearance Gareki is a 15 year old boy who steals in people' mansions with a bunch of theives.He has short,messy blackish brown hair and green eyes.He usually wears a pair of goggles on his head and a long blue jacket,black pants,skin tight shirts or tank tops,some with only one strap along carrying a gun.In Kuronomei(his school is) Gareki wears a uniform with his blue jacket over it.


Gareki has had a poor childhood but known as very high intelligence.Though he is only 15 years old,he is very knowledgeable in technological fields.He is thinking of investing the Sheep,Hitsuji,sooner or later.He likes to read books about knowledge that he is interested in and sometimes have a habit of falling asleep in the middle of reading a book.He talks very informal to everyone and often cold or blunt in his answers.





Moonlight Festival of Nai,Karoku,Gareki

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